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2.0 Everything December 18, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Business, Trends.

Everything is 2.0 these days. Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0, Commerce 2.0… there’s cool technology, even cooler web sites, and great applications that are coming up. In fact it feels like 1999 all over again.

BUT !!!!

Is there a Customer 2.0?

Who is this Customer? Is it someone who blogs, someone who shops, or just someone who browses? What will drive him or her to ensure the success of the Internet beyond 2.0?

Don Dodge talks about what the coolest new ideas are going to be in 2007. But will the Internet ever be on the same level playing field across the world or will there be different opportunities in different markets? Does having “cool to use” technology ensure the success of a product or a service?



1. rk - December 22, 2006

here’s wishing BUSINESS BUZZ all the very best.

RK 2.0

2. Veena Shivanna - December 22, 2006


I think I learnt about this versioning when I attending a class to know the configuration management. I was totally zapped by the idea of versioning & releasing the new ideas.
I wondered when Microsoft was talking about BETA version release etc., it was all OHT last decade..
I loved visiting you other strataprenuer blog.. This is such blog 2.0 so surely be a success….
Please beware of customers like us.. who just don’t browse internet, blogs but make sure to comment also…
You have done a nice premier of this new blog (in BB), great ideas flow anyway!

3. decemberstud - December 27, 2006

LOL…sorry, totally off topic, but the 2.0 syndrome is so prevalent.

My friend has a cute daughter and I have a nick name for her – ‘boMbe”.

Another friend of mine had a daughter (who is cute too…:) ) and guess what my nick name for her is…”B2″. Well, to be fair, I shortened “boMbe”, so give me some credit for creativity 😉

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