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Last Mile Problem December 22, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Internet, Issues.

Ok so we are entering a new “digital” era. Indian companies are spearheading this. However there is one thing thats still a problem. That is the “digital divide”. No I am not talking about people who use computers vs people who don’t use computers. I am talking about people who can get high speed Internet connectivity in their areas versus people (like me) who cannot.

I have checked with all the providers Bharti/Airtel, Reliance, SIFY etc, most of their focus is in the “newer” areas where there are a lot of apartments.

I live in a suburb of Bangalore called Banashankari, I don’t even get my phone calls returned by companies 😦

For now I am using a Reliance Card as my Internet connection, but the speed is lacking.

Until we figure out a way to pipe in data into every home and pipe it fast, the Internet market in India will remain a “pipe” dream.

To be fair, things are way way better than what it was 10 years ago when getting a VSNL dial-up connection was considered the ultimate. But we still have a long way to go.

There are several Indian companies working on cutting edge stuff on the web that cannot be deployed here unless there is adequate infrastructure. Until then we India is still a “potential” market with a LOT of “potential” customers and all these companies will focus on other markets.



1. Veena Shivanna - December 26, 2006

Surprising.. Check BSNL Data One.. I am completely satisfied with what it gives. Its pricing is good too.

2. decemberstud - December 27, 2006

Really ? That’s quite surprising.

I was sitting in my bedroom in Mysore six months ago and working. Airtel and BSNL were both vying for my business. I wanted really high speed access since I was going to work. It was done in a day, literally. I am surprised banashankari has problems.

3. Vijay - December 27, 2006

Interesting… I need to try the BSNL one out.. I keep avoiding them because of the “Govt. Syndrome”…

I get 256 KBPs with my Reliance Card… but I want a faster pipe… something like Roadrunner in the US…

4. praneshachar - December 27, 2006

BSNL data one is really good please try and packeges are also good and BSNL certainly will not look for posh areas and they are well knit and banashankari by no means a samll place in bangalore if I can get one in Thindlu far off place in north bengalooru why not in your place please come our of your govt. syndrome and try nothing wrong in making a effort it may work or not
all the best vijay due to competition they are also now coming out
couple of days back I was surprised to see BSNL sitting in open ;with umbrellas and offering phone connection instantaneeously
strange if you see it is public sector now is it not??

5. Vijay - December 27, 2006

Praneshachar: There is no doubt that the govt agencies have indeed woken up to the competiton.. I will definitely check out BSNL..

6. Veena Shivanna - December 27, 2006

A note of caution.. you need to have a BSNL telephone connection(obvious).. if you have some technical problem, sometime you need to wait till the guy comes & he sometime take his sweet time like 5 days. Probably, its a wise idea to have your other cards during this time. Its a trade off, so pls choose your vendor according to your choice. I heard few good things about Airtel, however it would increase another handset for me at home which I didn’t want to went with BSNL…
I bet, SBM, Vijaya banks are best compared to ICICI & CITI.. same here too.. BSNL is online too, checkout their website(google maadi saar)

7. decemberstud - December 27, 2006


BSNL has been quite efficient, from what I saw. But then, even after I left, my parents phone bill had an addition three and a half thousand every month for the next four months. My father had to go to their office everytime to explain that they don’t have an itnernet connection. That’s a different story 🙂

8. Veena Shivanna - December 28, 2006

3500/- ? DS, enri idu istondu bill.. nammane ration, utility bills ella baratte idaralli.. innodu saavira haakidre..
enu 24/7 online-aa? I thought BSNL will charge based on the usage, they have good plans.. 999 plan togondre aaytu, unlimited usuage…
mosly nimmaneli ISD calls goes out from India unlike my case.. I was a reliance customer for alomst 8-9 months, spent around 10% of my salary on phone.. everyday.. to many important people to give & take updates otherwise they jump here thinking, its just a phone call antha…
maneli computer idru, phone sulabha anthaare…
Vijay, pls pardon me for one more blog hijaaking… :-0)

9. Murali Partha - January 5, 2007

I live in Kothanur Dinne! I am enjoying fantastic broadband connectivity for the past 8 months in this area which would be considered untouchable by the Airtels and Reliances of the world! Thanks to BSNL. Just drop into their office in Banashankari, close to your old office. The GM who sits there is very helpful and assisted me personally in selecting the right package and modem! The phone line actually comes free.

Yes, these guys are going out of their way to woo customers.

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