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Ringing in 2007 January 1, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Issues, Mobile.

The first thing I did to ring in the new year was to try and send text messages to friends. Guess what… I couldn’t. Could not call anyone either.

Looks like our networks got jammed with the sheer number of messages being sent. I finally used my good old landline to call some people.

Theres good news and bad news in this.

The Good News: Mobile Networks are used heavily on occasions like New Year and probably during other events and emergencies.

The Bad News: Our Mobile Networks CANNOT handle the traffic.

By the way I am an Airtel Subscriber.



1. Veena Shivanna - January 2, 2007

I just thought about this when I was commenting on the other post.
Infrastructure is the basic issues in South India(bangalore alone?).. The rate at which the population demands, the supply is not been there. Demand-supply imbalances needs to be looked at, The Indian business man thinks.. should I really invest on the bandwidth so much for just a day ?
So all Airtel customers , pls adjust maadi.. This is a very good phrase flying around.. we are so used to it isn’t it ? Custome service is anywhere there, on other days. sometime I get so worried(not any other strong word I would like to use) when the IVR options doesn’t let me go directly to a CSR… It makes me press atleast 8 buttons before pressing 9 there. Its all JAM.. traffic jam, network jam, what not ?….!

2. M O H A N - January 4, 2007

Every bank, mobile company including the late enterent PSU’s who service you using technology try to hide these CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES behind all these number pressing mumbo jumbo to ensure that less number of calls actually get serviced!!

Just get into the IVR mode and keep repeatedly pressing 9 irrespective of the system voice telling you some stupid data…you will get connected to the human being behind.

Some customer service DONT care executive will service you.


3. Veena Shivanna - January 4, 2007

Airtel CSE’s are better I felt. 9 is only the option after you atleast pressed 2 buttons, otherwise it says invalid entry.
Now that communication service providers has a threat, it cares more. its easier for a person to switch from Airtel to Hutch & back.
Changing a salary account in a bank may not be that straight forward, your company rules, your standing instructions, you EMI checks lot of dependancy.
so may be some banks specially some private ones becomes like DONT care.
The bitter part is that they are trained ‘makki ka makki’, they deny it saying, we don’t have that option.. Atleast those dumbos don’t even suggest a workaround, their they fail. I can understand their plight, I fix some production bugs which are really funny & I know the CSE & datafix team struggling till then 🙂

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