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Where are the people? January 5, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Business, Issues, People.

Theres tons of studies and reports that talk about emerging opportunities for Indian companies. We still seem to be stuck in the “service” mode. This translates to:

“More Business = More People”

However the challenge that companies are facing today is in fact the lack of people (even though India boasts of a large population). As one HR manager put it to me “People are available BUT good people are in short supply”.

The education system here is not in tune with the times and just churns out bodies. As my friend Murali Partha says we need to churn out people who are better equipped to handle the real world not only from a technology point of view but also from a communication, cultural sensitivity perspective.



1. Veena Shivanna - January 5, 2007

Nice post. Good people & people… List out the differences.
Institutions are churning out good resources, may be few of them fly out of the country, few of them make thier own offices, the rest of the janta will be there. aa rest alli good people elli irtaare ?
I would say, so called Good people are choosy, if you ask them to choose a bride, they will visit till the count is 100, so the company’s fail to fulfill every choice of them.. Another thing is , their choice keep fluctuating every now & then.. paapa ree HR people 🙂

Who is this guy Murali Partha ? names shounds interesting.
Krishananu + Arjunanu = Krishnaarjunaru ==> Dwamdva samaasa

Murali Partha reminded me that samaasa, samosa alla okay?

2. Vijay - January 5, 2007

Murali Partha is the COO of a fast growing BPO company… and has his roots in big name companies before that..

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