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Are Bloggers the New Media? January 8, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Internet, Issues, People, Trends.

Will tomorrow’s news come to us from our peers? The man on the street? More importantly will I increasingly rely on news from the Blogging community rather than the traditional media? I know that I do.. especially for the latest buzz on technology.

In the old days if something bothered me, I would write to the newspaper who never published it. Nowadays I can just go to my blog and vent my frustration.

While blogging started with tech geeks writing about their stuff, it has now spread wider and is actually transcending various fields. How else would you explain Tech Blogger Robert Scoble covering politics.

Bloggers are increasingly seen as a great way to get company and product news out. No more hiring expensive PR agencies to court the media. Blogs are also becoming a great way to expose corporates who do not follow ethical business practices.

Heres a good example. There is this company called Java Jo’z that ripped of a guy called Ben Scoble. They took $30,000 from him and his partners as fees for starting a franchise and didn’t keep their word. Apparently repeated mails from him didnt do any good so he decided to blog his frustrations. Java Jo’s were messing around with the wrong guy. He happens to be the brother of Robert Scoble (mentioned above) who promptly mentioned it in one of his blog entries.

The lesson here. Never piss a blogger off. The community is becoming more and more influential.

Don’t think thats good news for any company thats putting together a business plan based on franchises. A good example of the growing blogger influence.

Blogs and Bloggers are mainstream. Traditional media might not like it but the trend is here to stay.



1. M O H A N - January 8, 2007

Obsolutely a big YES. Bloggers are here to stay and roost.

Social networking is fast replacing personal networking due to constraints in time and place. The net has consolidated people into this usefull logging.

Every brand player knows that a satisfied customers word of mouth gets him more milage than all sorts/forms of advertisement. A single whiff of such good/bad mouthing would do a lot to his scale of business.

Media is allways hungry for TRP or extrodinary news and would shun our grevings but blogging is a whole new dimension where we can express our thoughts without worrying about spelling, grammer et all

May long live the blogging folks,


2. Veena Shivanna - January 8, 2007

I better not comment here! Be(a)ware!! 🙂

3. M O H A N - January 8, 2007

what are you bewaring about??????

4. Veena Shivanna - January 8, 2007

what else, the commentors on that blog…! 😉

5. Veena Shivanna - January 8, 2007

even silkboard must be a left hander.. I mean you both think alike may at different times! 🙂 remember your shane warne post & his latha , asha & Murthy’s post.
Read this & don’t forget to read the last 3 comments, its such a great coincidence.


6. blogscapes - January 8, 2007

I think bloggers have become recognised as being credible sources of info, as well as purveyors of info as well. However, I don’t think blogs will replace traditional media. More likely, the two forms will feed off each other.

7. Vijay - January 8, 2007

Blogscapes: Good take… I agree… its just that a couple of years ago, the traditional media looked at blogging as a temporary phenomenon… thats been proven wrong

8. Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq. - January 12, 2007

How about a little responsibility amongst bloggers, who immediately take anything tossed on a blog to be the gospel truth?

For instance, the attack on Java Jo’s and its founder Mr. Roy Snowden. Roy is just an upstanding entrepreneur trying to live the American dream. Those of us with the “Millionaire Mindset” are often just misunderstood by those we are trying to help.

I am thinking about inviting Mr. Snowden to coauthor my next book: “99 Low Cost Businesses You Can Start Anywhere… Even Prison.”

For those thinking about buying a business, I have many to choose from. Come peruse them at FranWorst.com

Get back on that horse!

See you on the veranda!

Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq.

9. Trisha A. Paliotti - January 16, 2007

Hi I am just adding on to this last person comment.Ease up on him? Yea milion dollar mind set, is that what you call it. I worked for a mag sales crew. World Media International Inc, Run by Roy P. Snowden and Kimberly(kim)Snowden,I traveled through your city knocking on doors. Why there is not some protection in place for these kids, more then a randaom story or Blog. This man was just convicted on 5 counts of Tax evasion and defrauding the IRS. I have a tax lean on my credit report from him not filing the taxes he said he was paying!!!! We were kids, and many lives have been Ruined by these people. Freezing cold tempertures and 12-14 hr work days….$15-$20 a day if we were lucky. Then when you don’t make the cut they drop you at a bus station, spit on you and leave eyou w/ no money no ticket, in some ghetto bus station!More, More More needs to be done about this. And it starts with the people answering the doors. Don’t or if you do tak ethat kid in your house and tell them what is really going on and get them help. These kids are used to make millions of dollars for these dirty old men and thier dirty wives. I pray for the children of these people everyday! I tell you one thing there is no Justice, for these kids.This man has also screwed a bunch of People who were investing in his Java Jo’ z (cuppy’s) Franchise, many people were milked out of 30,000 dollars or more~Any other kids out there who worked for Roy P. Snowden And Kimberly (Kim)Snowden let me know!!!!!!
Posted by Trisha A. Paliotti at 11:39 AM

Labels: Magzine Sales Crew

10. Vijay - January 17, 2007

Trisha: Nice takes.. apologies for delays on your comment.. somehow got identified as Spam… thanks for your inputs…

11. Trisha - January 19, 2007

Sean Jan 17th, 2007 at 9:13 am

Steve: Fransynergy posted this on bluemaumau.com:
“…I took a look at the Nevada Secretary of States website and searched out Medina Enterprises were we learn that the corporate entity was formed 12/16/2003 and is Active and in good standing. Their officers all have the last name of Morgan (Alyssa R, Christina F, and Robert C) and use the address of 2533 N. Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706. This address is also the address of their Resident Agent Laughlin International, Inc. When you view all the companies which Laughlin serves as resident agent there are MANY!!!!. When you view the records for Laughlin International, Inc. you find that a Lee Morgan held all the officer positions AND they were dissolved on 4/24/2002. However they may somehow be tied to Laughlin & Associates, Inc. at the same 2533 N. Carson address whose file date is 3/25/77 and are currently an active NV corporation with Michelle Young holding all officers positions. If you jump over to the Florida Secretary of State site and take a look at Medina Enterprises you find that they’re active as a Foreign Profit corporation (Date Filed 5/8/06) with a principle address of 348 Miracle Strip Parkway SW, BLDG D Suite 16A, FT. Walton Beach FL 32548. Robert C. Morgan listed as both Registered Agent and Officer/Director.”

FYI TO THOSE CUPPY’S EMPLOYEE’S POSTING ON HERE.I know that fact is greater then fiction. I know how easy it is to be “brainwshed by these people. Do your selves a favor and get out now. Before he takes you with him. I could not buy my first home, due to a tax lien on mty credit report. Roy said he was payng and reporting our taxes and never did. Thats the facts about the people you are dealing woth. I am sure they were sitting over your shoulder as you wrote your wonderful review of “THIER” company. Get a clue fast.Trisha A. Paliotti

12. Sean - January 27, 2007

The blogosphere is under attack and it may not fulfill its promise. See the posts on franchisepick.com on the Scoble situation.

The Death of the Blogosphere OR Who’s Killing the Cuppy’s Java Jo’z Blog Dialogue?

13. Trisha A. Paliotti - January 29, 2007

Cuppy’s and Java Jo’z
Ok well it seems the whole Cuppy’s / Java Jo’z whole world is going mad. How a company trying to avoid some much deserved bad press can go around deleting and rerouting url from blogs and legit web sites! I have been following all of this very closley mainly because I randomly Googled ROY Snowden , World Media International and Magazine sales crews, When I stumbled upon all this stuff going on with this man. I can not say that I was at all surprised. When working for him on the Mag crew I seen just how rotten and slimey he could be! Now all of these peoples lives are being negitivley impacted by his shaddy dealings. I personaly do not know why he is not being sued and / or investigated on all of these other alligations. Just goes to show you how our goverment spends its time chasing all the wrong criminals. This man should have ben in jail years ago.

So now Cuppy’s / Java Jo’z/ Medina Enterprises are going around and deleting all the negitive comments about them. Listen, these people bought a company from a convicted criminal, who they knew was involved in these shady practices. Roy Snowdens “friend” and ex partner is now part of this Cuppy’s but they say they have no affiliation w/ Java Jo’z or Roy Snowden and Kim Snowden. First of all hacking is illegal. Second how stupid do these people think the public are. I find it utterly humorus the comments and bloggs the “employee’s” are writing about this company….Hmmmm…all this brain washing sounds very familiar. Doesn’t it Roy. ANd the people who use to work for them and are blogging the truth they are dogging.

Only as an adult have I truly realized that there are people out there who do not have an honest bone in there body, some people are so obsessed w/ the love of money and lifestyle that they will trample on anyone to get it. I tink all of these people Roy Snowden, Kim Snowden, Ben Doyle, Medina Enterprises , Cuppy’s , Java Jo’z need to be further investigated.

Also this man who started all the Buzz about the scam and losing of money’s has dissapeared from the net. Either scared by a letter from the lawyers of these cowards threatning a law suite or quite possibly bought off. This country was founded on free speach and If this Ben Scoble is not a dunce he knows he can say anything he believes to be true in any forum he wants.

I am quite disgusted by this whole thing, I hope they all get what they deserve.
I personally feel what ever you put out there comes back to you ten fold!!! And when I was a scared 19 year old in a bus station in the ghetto of St. PAul w/ no mOney or bus ticket i prayed this man would someday get his. I can only hope that all of this bites him in the ass, “law of averages” says you can’t get away with everything forever.!

PLease read about this…and give me some feed back!!!


14. Trisha Paliotti - January 30, 2007

When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.

I am so really extremly shocked to see all of the post on the matter I discussed earlier are gone. Everything I have posted on this matter has been deleted. Someone tell me there has got to be something I can do about this. Cuppy’s is/ has to be breaking some law by deleting these post and redirecting URL’s. I fully plan to look into this, I spoke to the IT guy At work today and he says it is a break of federal law. That these people seem to just be getting themselves into more trouble. This really has my attention now. And anyone interested in free speach or even the gift we have been given to blog our thoughts and opinions should be deeply concerned by this company’s obviouse attempt at silencing it’s criticts. I can not believe that any lawyer representing this company would give them this advice. I know one thing I am not Scoble , I will set up a 1000 different blogs and let them delete them so that I can sue. Not for money but principal. How dare they think they have some power over the internet.

15. Is the Print Media Dying? « Business Buzz - March 29, 2007

[…] I have written about this before. People are getting their news, views and reviews online. Bloggers are increasingly the new media and are capable of influencing the opinion of their […]

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