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iPhone from Apple January 10, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Apple, Business, Innovation, Mobile, Trends.

Apple just announced the release of its iPhone. It is a slick device and makes all other phones look like pre-historic devices. Typical of Apple. They always come up with a user interface that is way better than the competition.

Them guys at Engadget cover the release in detail.

Unfortunately only available in Asia sometime in 2008. 😦




1. Veena Shivanna - January 10, 2007

But I wonder why they are not so famous in India. I don’t even know one person who owns Apple- Macintosh!, but atleast know more than 25 people having a PC/Laptop loaded with Bill Gates-KiTaki-baagilu 🙂 Forget about the free Redhat-Linux! 🙂

I heard a lot about Apple-Ipod’s but again,not many I know who owns it… Will this again end up like another Apple product ? or I need to change my friends!!!!!!! I mean to say make some rich friends!!
I already know one CEO & COO from this blog.. so let me watch till 2008 🙂

2. M O H A N - January 10, 2007

Mac is more popular with print media for precise and correct formatting long long back before -KiTaki-baagilu era.

Only professionals use it and it does cost a bomb for that precision.

You can try changing your friends but dont toss them away like old mobiles ( just joking). Your current friends are feature rich 🙂

Check out RK and he can give loads of info of who has this and why more than me.

3. Vijay - January 10, 2007

I recently started using a MacBook Pro in the office. Still use a Windows PC at home… beginning to like the Mac more and more..

4. M O H A N - January 10, 2007

Yes , offcourse i forgot to mention the user interface. Apple mac is the vidhyarthi bhavan dosa while windows is the street side recycled oil ambode!!! [ CTR is included on peer pressure ]

Long back in early 60’s when palo alto researchers were trying to build good GUI and x-motif was born which is one of the corner stones for apple if my memory recalls is correct.

Thanks vijay for reminding the USP of apple’s.

5. Veena Shivanna - January 10, 2007

x-motif… I think I worked on this for about 3 months on UNIX.. I vageuly remember some scripting I did long back.
Cost is a factor which fears us always!
Vijay , Mohan & such big shots can like them no doubt, while we have to be satisfied with the recycled oil Ambode! 🙂

6. Vijay - January 10, 2007

Definitely on the expensive side…I thought all street ambode was recycled oil… that what makes it so tasty… 😉

7. M O H A N - January 10, 2007

Big shot – When your boss finds you are blogging and not working, takes an air rifle and shoots you from his cabin.

Am a big shot ( read as in past tence). How about you vijay? 🙂

8. Murali Partha - January 10, 2007

I remember my first encounter with a MAC at a client location in 1991. I was supposed to port some code onto it. They gave me the machine and told me to go for it. I fiddled around for about 15 minutes and called the help desk in desperation because I did not know how to turn it on.

The guy from the help desk stopped by and pressed one of the keys on the keyboard! I was so mortified and I was supposed to be a programmer 🙂

In any case the feature that I found was the coolest on the MAC then was that the Floppy Eject was controlled by a menu option and not a hardware button!

9. Vijay - January 10, 2007

Murali: LOL…How many Engineers does it take to turn a MAC on.. 🙂

10. Veena Shivanna - January 10, 2007

I had heard this story from somebody else too.
He had precisely had ‘Quoted’ – Not everybody can switch on the Apple PC’s, I was not even aware that there is a special Hardware designed for these OS!! since I was learning computers those decades!, every thing on the Windows PC used to excite me.
Specially that solitaire game closing session(each card coming out of the 4 cards collection) on Windows 3.1 🙂
I had fun even when I worked on Micro controllers, 8086 chips.. in my first job, writing & erasing on EPROMS was really an exciting stuff, rather than all these GUI stuffs!!

Let me now blog-hijack again, Sorry Vijay-the big shot!!

11. Veena Shivanna - January 12, 2007

The Times of India
How about a laptop that recognises you? The speciality of the new Y500 is the biometric software called Veriface that uses the camera to recognise your face for security purposes. The device features an Intel Core Duo 5500 (1.66 GHz) processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 100 GB SATA hard drive, slot-loading DVD-drive, 15.4-inch wide screen TFT, a built-in TV tuner (with remote control), 1.3 megapixel Web camera, built-in microphone, 4-in-1 card reader, 4 USB 2.0 ports, a PCMCIA slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, integrated 2.5 Watt subwoofer and stereo 2 Watt speaker. If these are not enough then the system has preloaded Windows XP Home edition, One Key Recovery, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Norton 2006 among other things.

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