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Wikipedia – The New Search Engine? January 17, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Google, Internet, Search, Tools, Trends, Wikipedia, Wikis.

Several industry analysts feel that Wikipedia is well positioned to become the preferred search engine to Google and others. Heres an interesting article from Jack Schofield of the guardian.

I do agree that Wikipedia has lots of good information and not mere links. It is after all an online encyclopedia. While a search engine gives you links, the Wikipedia actually gives you the information (or story) you need in addition to links. In addition a Wiki page is actually based on inputs and corrections from multiple people making it more complete. Its collaborative structure makes the information more relevant.

Wikis are also being increasingly used in the corporate world as Knowledge Base repositories.

UPDATE: As if on cue, Wikipedia search engine WikiSeek is launching.



1. Murali Partha - January 17, 2007

Only yesterday I was discussing this with a friend. We were talking about Sankranthi and he was mentioning the parallels between one aspect of the tamil equivalent – Pongal – having (in addition to the thanksgiving part) a Raksha Bandhan/Bhai Dhuj parallel – the Kannu Pongal. Then we got talking about the rich cultural nuances in different regions of India, and he was bemoaning that the future generations may not know about the relevance/significance of all these festivals. He then suggested that somebody should research, document these in detail and make them online.

I told him to make a start by contributing the info he had to Wikipedia. We need to view this compendium as a means for documenting everything each one of us knows. We are so lucky to have these tools available to us these days.

Incidentally I looked up Pongal in Wikipedia – it is quite accurate; only thing this nuance about the Sisters praying for the success of their brothers is missing. Maybe I should add it eh?

2. Vijay - January 17, 2007

Murali, check out http://www.wikiseek.com

3. Veena Shivanna - January 17, 2007

Is Bhai Dhuj part of sankranti.. I thought it happens during Deepavali & we do it on Nagara Panchami.
Wiki allows editing, so may be we need to update it accurately.
When Infy distributed 126crores among employees, then somebody went & edited the WIKI page & added some statements which said, Wipro distributed luddos on this occasion of making it a billion company.. 🙂 Fun apart, do they really give some moderation authority to better people/junta.. ? Otherwise WIKI might be filled with such information on one day!!!
I somehow feel comfortable how google looks & works like, most of the time I get confused with so many links it lists… I bookmark them & never use google to search them.. These days I used google comparitively lesser!!
One friend of mine was joking , the productivity of s/w companies can be majorly controlled by our search engines, you know how.. by bringing down their server for few hours… ! I dont know how was this joke is TRUE 🙂

4. Vijay - January 17, 2007

Veena: Wikipedia enforces very strict moderation and incorrect information is quickly taken down.

5. Konrad Braun - February 7, 2007

hmmm… this is complete news to me. I’m not familiar with wikipedia at all! I’ll keep my eyes open now for sure! Thanks!

Konrad Braun

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