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Is China Evil? January 30, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Business, China, Entrprenuers, Google, People.

Over the last week or so, the blogosphere has been debating the ethics of doing business in China. Some argue that businesses should not engage China until there is more political freedom there. Google’s admission that they “regret” their decision to work in China (quoted on Techcrunch) has only added to the ongoing discussion.

Chinese politicians are no saints but neither are leaders of the so-called democratic countries as well. If companies do not do business in China and engage Chinese businesses, it will be a bigger dis-service to China than the lack of political freedom. They (the people of China) stand a better chance of achieving political freedom this way.

Coming to businesses, China is a huge market and NO ONE can afford to ignore them. They are a growing economy and it would be foolish for me as a businessman to ignore opportunies there.



1. M O H A N - January 30, 2007

Ha ha ha… from when did the american, british, french et all used principles while playing games? All the things done are to protect and further there own typical designes. They dont give a damn for any country what so ever.

Iraq is the latest standing example as to how saddam was armed to the teeth to fight thier war and once he did not fall in line, was killed.

China is NOT a democracy so what? Are all these so called democracies dont have any flaws? Arent humans suffering in america itself? Why try to push everybody to a common hell in the name of democracy,human rights, trade negotiations and apartheid type sanctions?

China and india will shine just because of the huge human assets they have and nobody including a nuclear war can prevent that.

2. mukthabalaga - January 30, 2007

China is being heard a lot being compititor in almost every area!
Well, this Evil thing is new to me 🙂

3. Vijay - January 30, 2007

Mohan: You are right… thats capitalism at its very best.

MB (Sanjay): I guess it depends on the point of view.. If political freedom is the gauge then the lack of the same makes them “evil”…

4. mukthabalaga - January 30, 2007

MB was not sanjay but Veena!:-) I forgot to logout from there, hence that id.. Even now, I have logged in for moderating that new site!

5. Murali Partha - January 31, 2007

You just cannot ignore the Chinese market, evil or not. They will set their house in order at a time that is appropriate. But if at that point in time our Indian businesses do not have a foot hold there, we might have lost out. It is very heartening that so many business leaders in our country have become so open about doing business even in the most difficult environments. This was not the case a few years back and it augurs well for India. More than any of the numbers, it is the fundamental mind-set change that is refreshing and crucial.

Of course, many countries will brand and show up every new competitor in the global arena in unfavorable light. Just Hogwash!

6. Chris Langdon - February 1, 2007

Communist China has murdered over 70 million people. Equating US businesses with the Communist Chinese govt. is absurd. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft won’t allow me to advertise my website, http://www.chinaisevil.com, IN THE US. Once they prostituted themselves, there is no end to what thye will do to placate the thugs in Beijing.

Chris Langdon, qiology@aol.com

Serach “langdon v. Google” and see the “Google-gagged” page on my china website

7. Vijay - February 1, 2007

Chris: Thanks for the link.

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