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HighDesign – Global Brand February 2, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Brands, Business, HiDesign, India, Trends.

If you have walked through any of the duty free areas of some of the major airports of the world, you would have seen a store called HiDesign. They sell up-market leather goods and are stocked at some of the leading stores worldwide.

Their branding, marketing is truly global. They are a nich high-value player AND they are based out of Pondicherry. Here is another writeup about them.

As one of my friends who is a leading brand consultant put it, HiDesign has built more “value per employee” than any IT company.



1. M O H A N - February 2, 2007

Ho ho… hold on vijay

What is “Value per employee”?

Is it the brand value? In terms of glamour that comes with working with a top notch company wherein they can flash the resume and say am a TCS,INFOSYS,WIPRO et all?

Is it the cost effectiveness due to which all the stake holders get improved ROI?

Dont understand how branding of that nature is helping the employee.

In fact as all IT guys know – in boom time everybody is hiring every other IT employee but in downtime they ask if you are leaving such a top guy we obviously can not provide those types of facitlites right from pay to perks. So much for that hyped brand value.

2. Vijay - February 2, 2007

Mohan: In very simple terms, from a company perspective, this means the “revenue” generated per employee.. Divide revenue by number of employees… in some circles this is seen as more valuable than large revenue numbers…

But more than that, it is interesting the way in which HighDesign has branded itself… they are the most expensive stores around and do not compromise on that just because they are Indian.

3. Veena Shivanna - February 2, 2007

Let me check out next time..

Leather goods reminds me 2 people.
My younger brother & one my friends dad who was a prof in Mysore Univ & now an emirtus scientis at IIAS(some astranautical area).. He is a physics guy.
Both have problems wearing leather shoes/slippers. I wonder whether such principles life is ever possible ? Atleast my brother argues with me that he wants to save some janwar’s life if not the whole world.. I see a point but still wonder whether our society consitutues of such people in bulk… If yes then what will happen to such vendors…

Just think, one fine day everybody disregards to wear/use leather items to be 100% satvik ? (satkaal or Satyug??)
One more Q, does such business vendors sustain for more if they try to make products which might go against satkal myths ?

Sorry to mix up things, just a thought! Nevertheless I shall check the leather items provided they fall in my budget, otherwise I prefer the jute items! 🙂 They have great & comfort designs too!

About Branding, I somehow beleive a lot, most of the time their quality process are more strong & followed(they don’t compromise). When I buy a cooker, I don’t think twice to buy a prestige or hawkins , a small example to quote. The employee ROI stuff, Vijay’s point makes sense to me.

4. M O H A N - February 2, 2007

Unless there is Stock options the poor employee doesnt get the share right 😉

5. Vijay - February 2, 2007

Mohan: I am trying to dig up an article on Bose (of the sound system fame).. their company has no stock options but has the highest employee retention.. exployees are paid huge bonuses and dividends.. Bose is still a Privately held company..

6. M O H A N - February 2, 2007

VIjay: A lone exception in this world!!! I can belive you; no need of searching 🙂

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