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The Relevance of NASSCOMM February 9, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Brands, Business, Entrepreneurs, Issues, NASSCOMM, Trends.

Years ago when the IT industry was still nascent and needed a voice,NASSCOMM provided a much needed boost by influencing Government policies, and building brand India.

Today, NASSCOMM mostly states industry facts that are already known, conducts award ceremonies, and summits. At least thats the way it appears to us.

Somehow the face of NASSCOMM has gone from the maverick organization that Dewang Mehta built to an organization that provides no value to the small companies. We can’t blame NASSCOMM for this. The world has changed.

In today’s Internet world we dont need NASSCOMM to point small businesses in the direction of opportunities. Most of us know our markets. The world is indeed flat.

So what is the value of NASSCOMM in today’s business world? Are organizations like TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) more useful? Do they need to re-brand and re-orient?



1. Veena - February 12, 2007

This reminds me a recent intiative by them. They call it National Skills Registry. This has some saga of things to be done. First we need to go register our details like our edu background, employement details, etc., They claim that they do background cheks according to the information provided there.
Also, we need to pay some money like 300+.. They also took our thumb impression like our consulate guys.
Now I have a plastic card with their registration number etc.,
This initiative maily intends to beat the fake profiles is what they say….
If anybody have attended any interview in other companies, they can just provide this reg number & the new employer will fetch the details from these folks. To make it paperless & reduce the cycle time due to the background checks that need to be carried out….

Lets see & watch…!!

2. Vijay - February 12, 2007

My view on this is that people with fake profiles will get weeded out by themselves. I dont need an agency to do it for me…

3. Veena - February 13, 2007

Sometimes redundancy become obvious!
Also, weeding out Fake profiles in huge companies is marathoan task Vijay.. sometime this may delay the recruitment process.
Also the hallmark called NASSCOM may bring in some change. something determinal.

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