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Bisi-Bele Baath in Oslo February 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Acquisitions, Business, Happenings, MTR, Orkla.

Not really… however MTR Foods has been sold to a Norwegian company, Orkla for $100 Million. The strory is that Orkla bought MTR for its brand name and distribution network.

So, I wonder whether I can buy Bisi-Bele Baath in Oslo?

Before people start wailing, the MTR restaurant is not part of this deal as it is run as a separate business.



1. M O H A N - February 13, 2007

Strange vijay
Even i came up with a similar post with little dissimilar thoughts!

2. Pushpa - February 13, 2007

I am not too sure of this. However, recently read in newspaper that MTR would never sell to the Norwegian company. Mr. Maiya himself had said this…..

3. praneshachar - February 13, 2007

stakes are high even if it is sold no wonder money ultimately matters for these people.
good to note that MTR restaurant is not part of this deal so still you can have your good time at MTR. I can imagine if it is also part
then slolwy Rava Idli, dose yella kaibittu burgar pizza hot dog adu idu yella bartittto yeno
somdbody can confirm what is true is it sold or not sold

4. Vijay - February 13, 2007

Pushpa: $100 M is a LOT of money… 🙂

The old rumor was that an US company, Marico (I think) was acquiring them…

5. M O H A N - February 13, 2007

if you were to ask me this is a very prudent move considering the brickbats happening inside the family for control.

So, sell the cash winning mother cow but, continue the calf for some future sales is the idea.

6. Veena - February 13, 2007

Vijay, MTR elri bisi bele bath maarthaare ? bisi bele bath MTR mix is already avaialble in US 😉
Saaku neevu MTR products na maariddu.!!

7. Vijay - February 13, 2007

Veena: You have not had the instant Bisi-Bele Baath? (not the mix but the sachet)…

8. Veena - February 13, 2007

sachet bisi bele bath ? How do they preserve it mainly the heat ? Bisi bele bath without bisi is no fun..!
Is it one among the Ready to Eat stuff ? !! idella NRI’s ge jaasti gottirutte, nangelli gottu Vijay ?

9. some body - February 14, 2007

vijay sez: “Pushpa: $100 M is a LOT of money…”

vijay, where were you during the dot.com era? 🙂

veena sez: “idella NRI’s ge jaasti gottirutte”

too true! i tried to find the “deep” line of frozen foods in india (our family favourite here), but was unsuccessful – granted, i did not spend too much time hunting as fresher food was available :-).

– s.b.

10. Vijay - February 14, 2007

SB: doc com or not, $100 M is a lot of money 🙂

Veena: For someone like me who used to travel a lot to Taiwan, Korea etc, MTR ready to eat was a lifeline..

11. Veena - February 14, 2007

Ha Ha.. My MIL dislikes all that we buy it from outside which are these frozen or ready to eat. The only complain she has is.. yaav neerallu idanna maadirthaaro, since India we have more of Water borne …
Well, we got avarekaaLu ready(which is removed from that sippe), she made sure she washed once using hot water, boiling!! 😉

SB – I was explaining about these frozen foods(specially the baTaaNi & cut veggies) at home, they literally didn’t like the idea! 🙂

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