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Bharti’s Retail Plans February 20, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Bharti, Business, India, Retail.

Bharti Enterprises announced their much anticipated foray into the retail space. That makes them the latest in a list that includes Walmart, Reliance among others.

This brings me to my favorite subject – The Small Retailer

Will any of these large brands harness the small retailer? Does the entry of these big guns make business sense for the small guy?

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1. praneshachar - February 20, 2007

Yes there is a threat for small retailer from every corner. let us wait and see how much of it will really affect them.
other day I was enquiring why Togaribele (Toor Dal) rates are going up instead of coming down because it is season. but surprised to hear this reason Reliance is on buying spree in large qtys. for their retail net work may be they are covering for the quite a good period being a seasonal item.
But I was amazed at the awareness of the people whom we consider not updated. wonderful anaysis.
Reply for what happens to small retainer from their end it will survive as the class which caters to these retails outletchains are the same one and it will be shifting from one to another still in our country it will be very difficult to cover the total population by these big retailchains.
I agree with these views expressed because it will be very difficult for sea saw change in toto considering the variety of consumer groups in this country.

2. gmohanprakash - February 21, 2007

Thanks for the info praneshachar.

Just a few days back we had debated that the retailer will be SLOWLY killed which is more painfull and if this is not a pointer towards that, then Sonai Ganndhi asking Man mohan to put the Walmart jaggurnaut on hold is the final word i suppose.

May the retailer long live.

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