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Oracle’s Bullying Tactics – Enlisting Uncle Sam February 22, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Acquisitions, Business, Happenings, iFlex, India, Issues, Oracle.

Murali Partha forwarded this link from the Economic Times regarding how Oracle has enlisted the help of the U.S Government to ask the Indian Government to “assist them” in their acquisition of iFlex.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Speaking to ET, official sources said the US was keen that the Indian government should make it mandatory for the minority shareholders to sell their shares to Oracle. “The US pointed out that it had a law which allowed the government to make minority shareholders sell their shares to the majority stakeholder. It argued that India should do the same in Oracle’s case,” the official said.



1. praneshachar - February 23, 2007

Big wigs can do whatever they want including killing small fish
This sort of compulsions should not be there.
There is one religious sabha in chennai which runs a sort of non financila banking soceity. It pays a very handsome dividend and to become a director there is a presitge and people come in search of shareholders to various far off places offering them a very huge price for their shares. I have seen people who are noy rich but refused to part with their shares as they consider it to be a prize possession and have attachment over generations which can not be measured by money

2. M O H A N - February 23, 2007

Another story of money power killing and stubbing the voice of minors!

All the modern generation companies try this “organic growth” method to grow and many many small enterprenuers, companies skid off the mark.

MTR was a recent story, the jagurnaut of globalization is picking up on some wrong areas too.

Thanks partha and vijay for this bit.

3. Veena - February 23, 2007

Has Oracle taken over IFlex completely ? I thought only some part of it..

Well, acquistion & merges has become a daily affair now!
Vijay, put this into startapreneur in a different view. Making your business big(small guys can invite people to take over their business??) or something similar.

One of our family members bought some part of the company he was working for.. It was advantageous in a way that he need not have to find for customers – adverstising his products..!

4. Vijay - February 23, 2007

Veena: Oracle owns most of it.. but they want 100%.

5. Veena - February 26, 2007

I know Larry is not an Indian, Wanting 100%(more & more) is typically what we look through, I mean any business men.. now the targets are like 110% 🙂 Corporate World gurugaLe !!

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