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NeedGrub – Find your Food February 28, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Business, Entrepreneurs, India, Innovation, Internet, NeedGrub.

A couple of days ago one of the comments by Sash on Bangalore Blues was about a website called NeedGrub that rates and reviews restaurants.

I checked out the site and it is cool. One one side it has restaurant reviews (hopefully more reviews and restaurants will get added as time goes on). The other cool thing I found was the integration with Google Maps to find directions. Looks like currently they have Chennai and Bangalore covered.

Try it out. Join up and contribute.



1. M O H A N - February 28, 2007

Thankz for info buddy.

2. Veena - February 28, 2007

I liked the Google Map integration part of it. Interesting & Useful.. I shall use this one during out next eat outs!
Thanks Vijay for the link & Also to the founder members of this portal …

** There is one Anuradha Parthasarathy among the founders; Murali Partha avare, anybody related to you ??

3. Vijay - February 28, 2007

Yenri Veena.. oorigella obre naa Parthasarathy irodhu?

4. Veena - February 28, 2007

Enterprenership ellarigu baro vishya alla vijay avare!
sumne keLide ashTe 🙂

neevu bere avara post site bagge post bardidralla so ? namma India dalle idella maamulu… naanu ondu company-ge kelsakke serkondre nanna anna, tamma, akka, ganda ellarnu ondalla ondu company -ge sersode namma aase alva ? 🙂

M.Partha maththe Foriegn tour^aa?

5. Sash - March 1, 2007

Talking of grub..anyone aware of an authentic Bengalooru or Karnataka style restaurant in Bengalooru serving local varieties ?? or atleast in nearby cities ?? Looks like there is every other style of food / cuisine available here other than authentic Karnataka style…Soon there would be nothing like authentic or traditional of Karnataka, it would be a ‘Khichadi!!!!’ of so many varieties. A ‘food for thought’….this.

6. praneshachar - March 2, 2007

Karnataka varaities are again classsifed further north, south., managlore etc.,
Hallimane in Mallweswaram, MTR
Kamath yatri Nivas North karnataka special apart from south indian
may be little bit of mix up of south may be there
others can add further

Needgrub is good effort and very useful forntourists, travellers and regualrs aswell

7. Vijay - March 2, 2007

Just to add to Praneshachar’s comment: Kadambam on Bull Temple Road offers authentic Iyengar cuisine like Puliyogare, Pongal etc (they also have an outlet in Manipal Center). There are several “nameless” joints in the Majestic area offering Ragi Muddhe type local cuisines.

8. Sash - March 2, 2007

Thanks for naming the places..actually I am aware of these places, they are great… but besides these is there a place serving karnataka style – north, south., managlore etc., like any restaurant in a star hotel..or in a higher class hotel ?? We see rajasthani, punjabi, tamilnadu, andhra, bengali etc..varieties in grand restaurants, except Karnataka style..why..I am just curious.

9. praneshachar - March 3, 2007

just because it is karnataka
navu yavagalu hindene alva
bengaloorinalli kannadigaru kannda mathodalla
bere rajyakke hodre alli bashe namdu anthivi
higagi karnataka andre lakhaya illa
namma kannda/karnataka preethi nov. kaveri hege bandaga

10. Sash - March 3, 2007

I agree with your statements on kannadigas. I think it is essential to have karnataka food joints / restaurants in Bangalore, else karnataka will lose its authenticity and will be more known for its pubs, KFCs, Andhra food joints, Bengali dishes and chettinad varieties. What are the kannadigas doing to retain their tastes in their own state !! Today’s kids and teens will never know the choices of karnataka..::) (too much of food worries and food talk…eh..)

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