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Open Source – Here to Stay March 9, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Brands, Business, Innovation, Internet, Open Source, Software, Trends, Wordpress.

Some time ago, I attended a TiE meeting where some of Silicon Valley’s top VCs participated in a panel discussion. One thing that stands out from that meeting was a comment that said “All companies trying to develop and sell software products in the traditional manner will be wiped out and replaced by Open Source”.

This got me thinking. Six months later, I am convinced that what they are saying is true.

Over the last few months, I have been installing more and more Open Source packages to help us in our business. This includes HR Systems, Resume Management, Knowledge Base. All of them I have found on Open Source. Here are my observations:

1. The very nature of Open Source ensures a better thought out product. People comment on features, beat down on useless software. So if you look properly, you’ll find very good products.

2. I have found installs are much easier and documentation is very good (at least in the ones that I have installed)

3. Extending functionality is easier.

4. You can ask for features that you want and if it makes sense they’ll add it for you.

How do they make money? Typically through support, customization, and consulting.

One of my favorites is WordPress. Really love their famous “Three Minute Install”. Especially like the message that comes up after their installation that says something like “Installation complete. Sorry to disappoint you but thats all there is to it..”

In addition to blogging on WordPress, I use it a lot internally on our Intranet for collaboration, Knowledge sharing, and Knowledge Management.



1. gmohanprakash - March 9, 2007

So finally we are going to kill microsoft heh? SOFTwhere.

2. Vijay - March 12, 2007

Don’t think that can be done.. thats not the goal either.. but paying money only for software is on the wane..

3. Murali Partha - March 12, 2007

Which is the HRMS and resume management systems you are using? I was scouting for one of each as well, for my place. Also, would want to check out your usage of WordPress for internal collaboration and KM.

4. Vijay - March 12, 2007

Anytime.. consulting service available as well 😉

I am using an OpenSource package called Orange HRM. Their website is http://www.orangehrm.com

5. Murali Partha - March 12, 2007

Thanks Vijay. OrangeHRM is precisely the one we had shortlisted to roll out this month.

6. Vijay - March 12, 2007

Takes less that 20 mins to install.. the installation is not perfect but very minor hiccups and can be corrected in the install scripts..

We installed 2 fridays ago.. started using it on the Monday following it.. still come kinks to be ironed out.. but works well

7. Ramesh NR - March 12, 2007


We have been using a lot many OpenSource products in addition to Orange HRM for many day to day applications:

IT Helpdesk
Document Management
HTTP Proxy
IT Asset Management
Network Management System (NMS)
LDAP( Network Security)
SSL VPN (for Secure Remote Access)

We also offer implementation and consulting services on the above.

Not to forget Mozilla Firefox browser and OpenOffice.org office productivity tools, and ofcourse the LAMP tools.


8. Vijay - March 12, 2007

@Ramesh: Thanks for your comments…
@Murali: Ramesh and I were classmates in Engineering College…

9. Veena - March 13, 2007

This is so cool.. Just attended a session by our innovation team & could relate all that she said…

No Linux anywhere ?….

@Vijay, looks like all who went abroad in 80’s precisely are start-preneurs! & Blog connects the people who belong to the small world.

Appreciate your way to innovate ! Keep it going 🙂 & I am glad that you are not cheating somebody legally! 🙂 😉

10. Vijay - March 13, 2007

Veena: All LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

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