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The small retailer still rocks March 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Brands, Business, Retail, Small Retailer.

He is alive and well my friends. The small retailer that is.

We have had a couple of posts on this issue, one was whether the small retailer will survive and the other was some reasons why he would.

Last weekend I accompanied my friend Raghu to a local store. He has a bag with a list inside that he drops off. We then proceeded on our walk. In the meantime, the bag filled with goodies from the list had made it to Raghu’s house. Account to be settled at the end of the month.

Do you think the big boys will do that?



1. gmohanprakash - March 13, 2007

Scales dont allow them to do it unless they take some courier services to help. But i can smile considering how courier guys work!! YOu wont have food for weeks because “address not found” 🙂

2. Veena - March 13, 2007

They would put a *condition apply stating, purchases above Rs/XXX will attract free home delivery & people like CEO’s can afford it alva vijay.. who is this new character Raghu ? yet another Engg classmate !!

Thats the power of kaaka angaDi or shetty angaDi or that shivanna stores which you mentioned somewhere else sometime back.

3. Sash - March 13, 2007

I recently discovered to my surprise that the use of the ‘Sodexho’ coupons will attract 6% or what..extra charge !! Is that true and legally allowed ?? These coupons are given to reduce taxes for the salaried. On the other hand we pay extra to use these coupons!! More facilities, more complexities.

It reminds me….once a Unit head asked the sr. engineers when he was perhaps frustrated with progress, meeting deadlines or whatever..: “why are we all working guys ?? Replies were..knowledge, career, better prospects etc…

he said..nothing..we are all sitting on huge home loans and EMIs and we are working to pay them on time, which is the drive !! Let’s admit it”

4. praneshachar - March 13, 2007

yes precisely that is the reason in Indian conditions whether these retail chains do this. even if they do (for arguments sake) the human touch of local retail shop will be missing. setty of shivanna and their boys will know you and your family well it will always not only business but some personal well being talks with house holds and owners
this one we will not get in this retail chain. as ownership; committment will be missing see answer to ” why are we all working guys?” in the above comment of Sash
good morning and have a great day ahead

5. Vijay - March 14, 2007

@Sash: Didn’t know that… I always wondered how the Sodexho guys made money. The Unit head was correct…

6. Veena - March 14, 2007

Sodexho coupons attracts 6% extra ? where is this hidden BTW.. I didn’t realise it..
One thing is there, some outlets don’t pay back the cash as ‘change’, eg., shantisagar.
Paying EMI – LOL 🙂

7. praneshachar - March 15, 2007

Yesterday I went to my regular small retailer to pick up some items
the owner greeted with usual smile and as there was little rush as it was
9 pm we were talking he asked whether you have got our pamphlet
of Ugadi offer. I said yes it was with morning news paper. then he said
sir today Subhiksha has given a pamphtlet comparing their prices with
food world, fabmall etc,. and saying they are the cheapest and i verified my prices I am cheaper than them so i have put that Subhiksha paper on my NB for consumption of all my customers. His service with smile
door delivery committment etc., are good and yes he also accepts credit card, sodoxo coupons etc., etc.,
Immediatly I remebered our blog discussion on small retailer
and yes he is also moving with time and I think will survive the threats at least the retailer like the above who is smart.

“The Small Retailer Still rocks”

8. Rama S. - March 16, 2007

Right. The small retailer can do all these things. But, when the big retailers start giving hefty discounts, the sales and profits of the small retailers will definitely be affected adversely. Ultimately, the consumers are the same and the consumption is the same (with normal increases and growth of course). So, the big ones will eat into the share of the smaller ones. It will be naive to say that there will be no effect on the small retailers.

9. Vijay - March 16, 2007

Rama: Sad but true…

10. praneshachar - March 17, 2007

even though all small retailer may not survive
the one who is enterprising like will survive atleast
in India for few decades more. Still there is vast majority
are not moving to big fish still they weigh scales. ye
may be some times when really big offers some may go
but with so much of population it is very difficult to
move with big chains.
Even after so much of chains like foof world, big bazar, fabmall etc.,
what % of population they are serving. they are catering to some % of elite a % of upper middle class only common and remaing from
the above stilll are with retailers in view of these things I am of opinion that it will take atleast few decades to see a change
any how let us wait and see

11. manish - April 25, 2007

subhiksha doesnot take sodexho

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