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Making money is good. But at what cost? March 23, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Airtel, Bharti, Brands, Business, Greed, India.

Churumuri carries a story today where Airtel is conducting an SMS poll about Bob Woolmer’s death. They are going to make money our of every reply sent.

Is that what we have come to? Use any excuse to make money even if it means dragging a dead person into the picture?

Looks like the media (TV, Newspapers etc), and Communication companies revel in making money out of sensationalism. How else can you explain the gory pictures you see on TV and in the papers?

Have we really stooped so low?



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2. praneshachar - March 26, 2007

yes time has come people are getting crazy
to make money they dont realise on what cause
and is is right will it not hurt public sentiments
may cause public unrest so on and so forth they never
bother aim is money money more money at whatever
cost or risk or peril

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