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Flyclear.com April 5, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Business, Innovation, Opportunities.

Murali Partha finally got time from his busy schedule to send me this URL. To quote him:

Talk about exploiting the changing environment and world that we live in. If I were a frequent traveler in the US I would sign up in a jiffy.

A cool service that allows frequent travellers to the USA pass through security easier. Check it out.



1. Veena - April 5, 2007

Looks cool.. May be for busy people like Partha.:-)
It sounds similar to our BEP program in US consulate where in you get a small queue & there by reducing the processing time.

Probably the companies should register & the employees can get benefits …

These days, I was thinking eduction & health are becoming the private property of riches but NO all such comforts too:-)…

2. Veena Shivanna - May 17, 2007

vijay & MP… enu ee site updates kaaNthilla..
ondu kaNNige suNNa ondu kaNNige beNNe.. Vijay bariri hosa post.

3. Va Traveler - April 11, 2008

I’m a FlyClear member. I’m not sure that it’s worth the fee — at least not in the DC area. They promise that there will be attendants who help you with bins for the xray machines. However, at DCA, stopping at the kiosk to verify your finger print is just an extra step you have to do. You still have to wait for the agent to review your ticket and driver’s license, and then wait on line to go through xray. There is NO time savings at all. In NY, the shuttle doesn’t even have FlyClear. Save your money (AND your privacy). Just jump on line …. but not the FlyClear line.

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