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Is the Print Media Dying? March 29, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Business, Internet, Issues, Media, Print.

I have written about this before. People are getting their news, views and reviews online. Bloggers are increasingly the new media and are capable of influencing the opinion of their readers.

The readers themselves are a community that contribute to the news. Compare this with the print media.

Take the example of Churumuri. Its a blog that is fed by people from the journalistic field and has built up a loyal following. People like Anand Balaji are Journos who now share their views on their blog.

Heres an interesting take on the Print Media by Don Dodge.

The businessman in me thinks theres a new business model here 🙂


Spinvox and WordPress Mobile – Blogging on the move February 8, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Business, Innovation, Internet, Mobile, Spinvox, Wordpress.

Things have gotten better (or worse).

WordPress has a trial version of a Mobile Interface that allows me to post from my mobile phone. The interface is still a little cumbersome but not bad. If you have a phone with a browser such as Opera you can user the interface at http://m.wordpress.com”

Talking about taking blogging to a new level, check out Spinvox. They convert spoken voice into text for email, SMS, or Blog. Their product Speak-a-Blog converts your spoken words into text and posts it on to your Blog.

I tried out their Voice to SMS demo. The conversion was pretty cool.

Comprehending Valuations January 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Business, Internet, Issues, Trends, Yahoo.

The acquisition spree has started again. Google bought YouTube for over $ 1 Billion. Now Yahoo has acquired a company called MyBlogLog for $10 Million. What makes this sale very interesting is that MyBlogLog is 6 months old and has 5 employees !!

So how does one arrive at these numbers? Don Dodge does his best to arrive at the rationale behind this figure.

So, when will we see the similar acquisitions in India? Soon, never? I remember several ridiculous acquisitions and business deals last time around in 1999-2000. Some examples included Sify acquiring Indiaworld. IndiaInfo.com reaching a ridiculous agreement with VSNL on becoming their landing portal.

Wonder if history will repeat itself?

UPDATE: Heres an interesting link to what is termed as the Worst Billion Dollar Acquisitions .

Must be from the buyers perspective.. the sellers were laughing all the way to the bank

Snap Previews January 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Innovation, Tools.

For those of you who don’t want to click on a link, Snap offers a very cool tool that allows you to preview the link without clicking on it. Just hover your mouse over a link and a tiny preview window opens up giving you a “Snapshot” of that link. Its pretty cool.

Try it on the links below:

Bangalore Blues

Are Bloggers the New Media? January 8, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Internet, Issues, People, Trends.

Will tomorrow’s news come to us from our peers? The man on the street? More importantly will I increasingly rely on news from the Blogging community rather than the traditional media? I know that I do.. especially for the latest buzz on technology.

In the old days if something bothered me, I would write to the newspaper who never published it. Nowadays I can just go to my blog and vent my frustration.

While blogging started with tech geeks writing about their stuff, it has now spread wider and is actually transcending various fields. How else would you explain Tech Blogger Robert Scoble covering politics.

Bloggers are increasingly seen as a great way to get company and product news out. No more hiring expensive PR agencies to court the media. Blogs are also becoming a great way to expose corporates who do not follow ethical business practices.

Heres a good example. There is this company called Java Jo’z that ripped of a guy called Ben Scoble. They took $30,000 from him and his partners as fees for starting a franchise and didn’t keep their word. Apparently repeated mails from him didnt do any good so he decided to blog his frustrations. Java Jo’s were messing around with the wrong guy. He happens to be the brother of Robert Scoble (mentioned above) who promptly mentioned it in one of his blog entries.

The lesson here. Never piss a blogger off. The community is becoming more and more influential.

Don’t think thats good news for any company thats putting together a business plan based on franchises. A good example of the growing blogger influence.

Blogs and Bloggers are mainstream. Traditional media might not like it but the trend is here to stay.