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Google takes a swipe at Microsoft March 4, 2007

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Google has announced Google Apps for your domain that will include Mail, IM, Calendar AND office productivity tools. The service costs $50 per year.

I have always been a big fan of hosted application services especially for productivity tools like email. Beats installing it on your in-house servers and hiring people to manage them.

Microsoft has started changing its licensing policy as well. Whether its in anticipation of competition from companies like Google and Zoho or whether they realize that market dynamics are changing, it augurs well for the end user.


Interesting Video : Master Plan – About the power of Google February 16, 2007

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Spooky. Watch below.

Is China Evil? January 30, 2007

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Over the last week or so, the blogosphere has been debating the ethics of doing business in China. Some argue that businesses should not engage China until there is more political freedom there. Google’s admission that they “regret” their decision to work in China (quoted on Techcrunch) has only added to the ongoing discussion.

Chinese politicians are no saints but neither are leaders of the so-called democratic countries as well. If companies do not do business in China and engage Chinese businesses, it will be a bigger dis-service to China than the lack of political freedom. They (the people of China) stand a better chance of achieving political freedom this way.

Coming to businesses, China is a huge market and NO ONE can afford to ignore them. They are a growing economy and it would be foolish for me as a businessman to ignore opportunies there.

Wikipedia – The New Search Engine? January 17, 2007

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Several industry analysts feel that Wikipedia is well positioned to become the preferred search engine to Google and others. Heres an interesting article from Jack Schofield of the guardian.

I do agree that Wikipedia has lots of good information and not mere links. It is after all an online encyclopedia. While a search engine gives you links, the Wikipedia actually gives you the information (or story) you need in addition to links. In addition a Wiki page is actually based on inputs and corrections from multiple people making it more complete. Its collaborative structure makes the information more relevant.

Wikis are also being increasingly used in the corporate world as Knowledge Base repositories.

UPDATE: As if on cue, Wikipedia search engine WikiSeek is launching.

Search battles get ugly January 13, 2007

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Things are hotting up in the search space and that means ugly fights between the big boys. Heres the latest tactic by Yahoo! that is drawing a lot of flack from users. Apparently Yahoo! is attempting to change the users default settings from Google Search to Yahoo! while upgrading to the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.

More details can be found on Andy Beal’s blog.

The main complaint here is that while you THINK a particular setting is being changed, Yahoo is covertly changing other settings as well. Naughty, naughty !!