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Spinvox and WordPress Mobile – Blogging on the move February 8, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Business, Innovation, Internet, Mobile, Spinvox, Wordpress.

Things have gotten better (or worse).

WordPress has a trial version of a Mobile Interface that allows me to post from my mobile phone. The interface is still a little cumbersome but not bad. If you have a phone with a browser such as Opera you can user the interface at http://m.wordpress.com”

Talking about taking blogging to a new level, check out Spinvox. They convert spoken voice into text for email, SMS, or Blog. Their product Speak-a-Blog converts your spoken words into text and posts it on to your Blog.

I tried out their Voice to SMS demo. The conversion was pretty cool.


iPhone from Apple January 10, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Apple, Business, Innovation, Mobile, Trends.

Apple just announced the release of its iPhone. It is a slick device and makes all other phones look like pre-historic devices. Typical of Apple. They always come up with a user interface that is way better than the competition.

Them guys at Engadget cover the release in detail.

Unfortunately only available in Asia sometime in 2008. 😦


Ringing in 2007 January 1, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Issues, Mobile.

The first thing I did to ring in the new year was to try and send text messages to friends. Guess what… I couldn’t. Could not call anyone either.

Looks like our networks got jammed with the sheer number of messages being sent. I finally used my good old landline to call some people.

Theres good news and bad news in this.

The Good News: Mobile Networks are used heavily on occasions like New Year and probably during other events and emergencies.

The Bad News: Our Mobile Networks CANNOT handle the traffic.

By the way I am an Airtel Subscriber.

Battle for Hutch December 29, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Business, Issues, Mobile.

The bidding war is on for Hutch. Vodaphone,Essar are bidding $17 Billion and $11 Billion respectively to buy out Hutchinson Telecom’s stake. Now Reliance is in the fray as well.

I still remember in 1996/97 when Mobile services started in India,my colleauges in the US,HK etc used to make fun of the lack of mobile population in India. I still remember a top executive at one of the Singapore carriers telling me that India will never be a “volume” market because Mobiles were the purview of the upper middle class.

Well…how things have changed.. we are adding millions of mobile users every month, the mobile phone is now used by everyone from the high-flying executive to the guy selling vegetables on the street. The valuations of the Mobile companies is unbelievable.

The eventual winner in all this – The Indian customer.

As far as Hutch is concerned.. I hope the Network will still follow the customer. I have heard that the “dog” tends to stray a bit. (this will make no sense to someone who hasn’t seen the Hutch Ad).