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Comprehending Valuations January 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Blogging, Business, Internet, Issues, Trends, Yahoo.

The acquisition spree has started again. Google bought YouTube for over $ 1 Billion. Now Yahoo has acquired a company called MyBlogLog for $10 Million. What makes this sale very interesting is that MyBlogLog is 6 months old and has 5 employees !!

So how does one arrive at these numbers? Don Dodge does his best to arrive at the rationale behind this figure.

So, when will we see the similar acquisitions in India? Soon, never? I remember several ridiculous acquisitions and business deals last time around in 1999-2000. Some examples included Sify acquiring Indiaworld. IndiaInfo.com reaching a ridiculous agreement with VSNL on becoming their landing portal.

Wonder if history will repeat itself?

UPDATE: Heres an interesting link to what is termed as the Worst Billion Dollar Acquisitions .

Must be from the buyers perspective.. the sellers were laughing all the way to the bank


Search battles get ugly January 13, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Business, Google, Internet, Issues, Yahoo.

Things are hotting up in the search space and that means ugly fights between the big boys. Heres the latest tactic by Yahoo! that is drawing a lot of flack from users. Apparently Yahoo! is attempting to change the users default settings from Google Search to Yahoo! while upgrading to the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.

More details can be found on Andy Beal’s blog.

The main complaint here is that while you THINK a particular setting is being changed, Yahoo is covertly changing other settings as well. Naughty, naughty !!